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    linda dunn

    do the right thing
    sometimes you get stuck and you ask for help
    people should figure stuff out
    when your brain gets bigger you get smarter
    be a good listener
    do all your work
    sometimes mathematicians can be fun
    keep trying
    sometimes they make beautiful art
    sometimes they are very fast and sometimes they are not
    sometimes they play games right
    sometimes you have to do it over again
    sometimes they count
    sometimes it is hard but you keep trying
    grade 2

    be good at math
    you can do a problem really good
    solve problems easy
    can do a lot of subtracting and adding
    can count
    doing good in math

    grade 3

    try your best
    math is fun…even if I get frustrated I take deep breaths
    keep trying
    work hard, concentrate
    just try
    don’t rush
    always focused
    don’t give up
    don’t put pressure on yourself
    try new strategies

    grade 4

    your smart
    really smart
    not afraid to answer
    try their best
    really good at math
    able to solve a hard problem
    be focused
    at a different level

    grade 5

    try your best
    even if you are good keep trying to get better
    be able to solve problems
    to be able to understand what you are reading
    right answer
    trying your best
    can do it

    Grade 6

    Try your best
    read the question ALL the way through

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