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    Adrianne Burns

    Chapter 8 is about helping students connect ideas.  A question starter that Tracy gives us is, “What does _____ have to do with ______?”  Maybe it is a connection that students don’t naturally make and you want to help them to see it. Perhaps it is something that you don’t fully see the connection and you want others’ ideas so you can better help your students.  I am curious, how you would fill in the blanks?

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    Adrianne Burns

    So many students only see numbers as math, even in the calendar example in the book students first responses were to find the numbers in the calendar.  My own elementary children, knowing I am a math teacher, like to point out the math in things for me.  My 5 year old has been pointing out patterns to me.  On the 4th of July he pointed to the flag and said, “Mom, there is a pattern.  That is math.”  As I read this chapter I wondered if he had any idea why that was math.  I didn’t ask him because at this point I am not sure I would know how to answer him, at least not in a way he would understand.  My question is, “What do color and shape patterns have to do with math?”

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