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    Jennifer fairbankd

    I love the pictures of the hands across pages 120-121. It reminds me of a current student in Foundations of Algebra 1. She is a freshman. She is trying so hard and making great progress this year. She adds, subtracts, and multiplies on her fingers. The other day she had an “a-ha” moment when she said “so 4+4+4 is the same as 3 times 4?” YES! I’ve done a lot of number sense with this class – estimation 180, Solve Me Puzzles, and Visual patterns every day. It is starting to pay off.

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    Jennifer fairbanks

    On page 122, talks about giving students less and allowing them to organize and externalizations thoughts is what I am doing this year with VNPS (vertical non-permanent surfaces. I’m giving them meaty problems and letting them work in groups at the board. I love the discussions I hear. Students are writing more neatly and organizing better, making more precise graphs than they would on their own papers. They step back and take a look at their work. I give them less and they give me more, including a great conversation!!!

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      That sounds awesome, Jennifer. “I give them less and they give me more” is a pretty amazing statement. In CH 12, you’ll get to see some VNPS in action, and also more focus on this idea of “externalizing internal dialogue.” I love that you’re jotting notes as you write here. And I totally love that you’re cool with your student using her fingers. It sounds like you’re support is really paying off. I wish she’d had that a-ha moment a while back, but I’m glad she had it now!


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