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    Licia Previte

    In looking at Figures 8.10 and 8.11 on page 180, does the equation 2 * 3 serve as a representation?  Would it just be a mathematical model?

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    Hi Licia,

    Great question. I would not consider the equation a representation in this case. Jen was looking for some kind of schematic, diagram, or picture to represent the situation. It could be abstract and didn’t need to involve stick figures–if a student had made a line that was 2 feet tall and then showed that three of those lengths was 6 feet, that would have been a representation too. Students who wrote the equation but couldn’t figure out how to draw something that showed how their equation matched the scenario were exactly the students Jen wanted to find and nudge. They were able to plug numbers into an equation, but not really describe what that three meant. She wants them to be able to do both.



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