Every year, handouts edition

Every year, I plan to get my slides and handouts done well ahead of time so they can be uploaded.

And then, every year, I think well, at least I’ll find time to upload them during conference week.

And then, every year, I think I’ll upload them as soon as I get home.

And then, every year, I think I’ll upload them before Dan scrubs the conference websites for the files.

And then, every year, I say screw it and just post them here.

Slides: Gut Instincts NCTM

Handout: Gut Instincts handout San Antonio NCSM NCTM

Questions that press intuition: Printable Intuition Questions


Finally, every year, I promise myself to get ’em done on time. Next year.


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2 thoughts on “Every year, handouts edition

  1. Better late than never! I still have the pile of all my NCTM stuff setting on the middle of my desk because I have yet to organize all my new resources and notes so don’t feel bad! Thanks for sharing these resources and the wonderful presentation! I am so happy I was able to see you at NCTM!

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