Welcoming Dissent

It’s been so gratifying to hear from people enjoying Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had all around the world. After five years of work on it, I’m over the moon that teachers are finding it useful, approachable, and inspiring (their words, not mine, but oh boy do I love those three words).

I’m worried, though.

I’m worried about the normal, human tendency to not want to hurt my feelings. I’m worried I’m not hearing from people who disagree, or think, “OK, maybe. But what about…” or “In my experience, actually…” I’m worried I’m missing out on my chance to learn from your critiques.

So I wanted to make it explicit. I’d love to hear how, when, and why you disagree or are unconvinced. You can tell me in the comments, on the forums, on twitter using #BecomingMath, via email, on the (nascent) facebook discussion page, or in person next time you see me.

Of course, please keep it civil and constructive. No need to tag in or poke a stick at the ideologues and name-callers from the math wars. I’m not that in need of dissent.

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4 thoughts on “Welcoming Dissent

  1. Still waiting for my book, but I’m encouraged to read your email. I am sure the book is amazing and has lots of ideas for how to become a better math teacher. I know I don’t always agree with everything I read in professional books, but they make me think and reflect. If that’s the response people have, then I think you will have accomplished an important goal.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it when it arrives. And you’re absolutely right: the goal is to make people think and reflect, not just nod.

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