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I was honored to be one of the keynotes for this year’s Twitter Math Camp (#TMC16). For those of you who are unfamiliar, TMC is a conference organized by (secondary) math teachers for math teachers, and it is a truly remarkable and inspiring thing. I have a lot to process about my time here and what I learned. I hope to find time to blog about it. For the moment, I wanted to post the talk and slides somewhere. This seemed like a friendly spot. I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you disagree with me. We have so much to learn together.

Video: “What Do We Have to Learn From Each Other?”

Slides (high quality): Zager TMC16 keynote Minneapolis

Slides (lower res): Zager TMC16 keynote Minneapolis smaller file size

Postscript. David Butler blogged about the Lunes of Alhazen and this talk and what it all means to both of us. Please check it out. It’s beautiful.

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  1. Just watched your video from #TMC16. My question is WHY is it seemingly so difficult to get educators excited about Twitter within our campus (and I’m sure other campuses as well)?… But you struck on the idea when you listed the 6 men on the screen.. I believe that some feel that we have a good collaboration going on through my own campus. Perhaps many teachers feel that is enough…
    How do we get teachers to become more curious, to reach outside of their comfort zones, and question others from the #MTBOS and other parts of the country/world using Twitter?

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